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Get Ready for PROJECT PROPELLER 2013

Project Propeller is an annual reunion for 150+ WWII aircrew, to which they are flown from all over the UK in light aircraft by current volunteer pilots. The Evening Standard described it rather well here.

VENUE: Project Propeller is pleased to announce that we have been invited by the BBMF to a new and very special venue for PP13 –


nnMM_photos's Coningsby album on Photobucket

The station was opened in 1940 as a bomber base. No. 106 Squadron arrived in February 1941 and No. 97 Squadron in March 1941. Hard runways were laid in early 1943 in preparation for heavy bombers being stationed there. No. 617 Squadron was at the base from August 1943-January 1944 and No. 61 Squadron (Lancasters) was stationed there in February–April 1944. On 12 November, Lancaster aircraft from Coningsby, equipped with the Tallboy bomb, sank the Tirpitz in Operation Catechism.

It is now home to the Typhoon T3s and FGR4s of 3(F), XI, 17(R) and 29(R) Squadrons, the Tornado GR4s of 41(R) Squadron (the Fast Jet & Weapons OEU), plus the Lancaster, Spitfires, Hurricanes, Dakota and Chipmunks of the BBMF.

INVITATION: If you served in any capacity as WWII aircrew, then you would be very welcome. Each year, the aircrew have a wonderful day out when they are able to meet up with former colleagues, enjoy lunch, live wartime music and the facilities of the venue and, most importantly, get airborne once again. Please register and we will try to pair you up with a pilot and aircraft from a local airfield to fly you to the meeting.

REGISTRATION: Whether you are a former WWII aircrew member (friend or former foe), a current qualified pilot willing to fly in a veteran, or a volunteer helper, we invite you to join us by registering for the ultimate WWII aircrew reunion.

BRIEFING NOTES: Volunteer pilots should initially register here. PP will be hosted in the BBMF hangar. Please note that, as RAF Coningsby can only accommodate a maximum of 70 aircraft, some aircraft may be directed to land at the New York/Whaley Farm strip (575m grass runway), located just 1.8NM SE of the stations's runway centre (see maps). Local transportation will be provided.

Registered volunteer pilots should consult the RAF Coningsby PILOT BRIEFING and charts. Slot times will be allocated by the PP organisers ( as usual. Please do NOT contact Coningsby directly on this subject, as it only creates confusion.

The running order for the day is here.

Some of you may have heard that PP13 was initially planned to be held at Gloucester / Staverton; in view of the exceptional opportunity offered by the BBMF, the management at Gloucester has very graciously agreed to defer hosting the event until 2014. We thank them for their understanding and enthusiasm.


It typically costs over £4,000 to stage PP (marquee, catering, entertainment, etc) and it is tough to break even. If you can help, please consider making a donation either via PayPal (using a credit/debit card) by clicking the button below, or by sending a cheque payable to 'Project Propeller' to the following address.


Project Propeller
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