Tuesday, 15 June 2010

East Kirkby - The Final Brief

Almost everything is now in place for the 2010 Project Propellor - pilots matched with passengers, entertainment and catering - it's just down to the met man now!

We know there will be some disappointed aircrew out there who haven't heard from us yet - there sometimes just aren't enough seats or passengers near a given area, whilst there are too many in others. However, we are still getting applications is, so you may get lucky at the last minute!

For the duty pilots amongst us, a crib sheet has been put together to assist you with finding, and arriving at East Kirkby. The most important point to note (other than the runway direction), is that there is no fuel (for aeroplanes - plenty for humans) at East Kirkby.

PDF Briefing Card

On behalf of the PP Team, may I wish you all blue skies and a fantastic event.