Sunday, 1 July 2007

Past Meetings - Bruntingthorpe 2007

2007 saw the Project at Bruntingthorpe airfield near Leicester and for the first time, the weather almost won! It was terrible, very heavy rain and lots of wind and instead of 100-plus aircraft, only twelve made it.

However, thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the pilots, our ex-aircrew guests were driven in from all parts of the country. Their pilots had changed their flying helmets for chauffeurs' hats and made sure that their passengers could get to the Project!

Even our guest speaker, air speed record breaker Peter Twiss was driven in by his pilot from his south coast home. The RAF had to cancel the appearance of the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane because of the 500 foot ceiling and the expected 40 Tiger Moths certainly could not get there.

But the band played, refreshments were served and the day proved to be one of the best ever.