Sunday, 29 June 2003

Past Meetings - Elvington (York) 2003

Saturday 28th June 2003 saw Project Propeller meeting for the fifth occation, this year visiting the Yorkshire Air Museum, at Elvington near York, for the first time.

Photo of BBMF Hurricane Fly-Past

Although our first visit to Elvington didn't go without any hitches, the experience was certainly enjoyed by all the veteran aircrew who attended. The Yorkshire Air Museum was a fine setting for the event, and the weather stayed dry all day for us too.

Our guest speaker was the famous test pilot Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown DSC. One of aviation's most interesting pilots, he was the only Allied pilot to fly a Me163 rocket fighter, and holds the record for the most different types of aircraft flow.

The John Hunter Band

Following the popular appearance of a period band last year, we organised another one for this year, the 'John Hunter' Big Band. Not only were they terrific, but they looked great playing in front of the Jet Provost too!